NJOA Conservation Foundation

NJOA-CF, 501(c) (4), is an alliance of influential conservation organizations that comprise the NJOA-CF council. These organizations represent: saltwater angling, freshwater angling, hunting, diving, animal welfare, forestry, and the stewardship of natural resources.

The purpose of the NJOA-CF is to advance conservation legislation and policy making in Trenton. We employ a full time government affairs group to work in conjunction with the NJOA-CF council and NJOA volunteers to orient the public to the principle of conservation as the foundation for safeguarding land, water, and fish and wildlife.

The collaborative efforts of the NJOA-CF council resulted in the following initiatives being enacted into law: Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs. Sunday Bow Hunting. Bowhunting Safety Perimeter. The council is also influential in ensuring black bear population management by means of hunting, along with public education initiatives to reduce bear/human encounters and conflicts.

NJOA-CF was the leader in creating the New Jersey Angling and Hunting Conservation Caucus. NJAHCC is New Jersey’s first legislative caucus dedicated to natural resource stewardship by emphasizing conservation (the sustainable use of natural resources) as a foundation for environmental stewardship.


New Jersey Outdoor Alliance is 527 Political Action Committee (*PAC) with the sole purpose of protecting and advancing freedoms to fish, hunt, and trap in New Jersey. The anti-fishing, anti-hunting movements are converging on New Jersey with funding from national and local sources to eliminate these freedoms. They are using their vast financial and legal resources to target legislators to advance “anti” agendas through the creation and sponsorship of legislation that insidiously erodes freedoms to fish, hunt, and own pets in New Jersey.

NJOA focuses its efforts on educating legislators about the importance of the sustainable use (conservation) of natural resources and the need for sound legislation providing stewardship of fish, wildlife, waters, lands, and access to them. NJOA’s education campaign emphasizes that natural resource utilization is necessary for survival, and as a result, the need for stewardship of these resources is fundamental to the interests of all outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. Anglers, hunters, and trappers have a long and proven history of being the world’s leading conservationists.

Be sure to become a member of New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: We’ve got your back!

It is important for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen to exercise their right to vote and elect legislators who understand their stewardship roles and support their freedoms to access and enjoy healthy natural resources.

NJOA Environmental Projects

NJOA Environmental Projects, 501 (c)(3), is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of New Jersey’s natural environment through habitat restoration projects, and providing educational programs that highlight the many “links of dependence” within ecosystems.

Current endeavors include: Quail in the Classroom, Wounded Warrior hunts, quail habitat restoration, forest regeneration, and artificial reef building. Also, in a joint effort with the Eagle Scouts, we are currently developing a “Conservation” merit badge award.

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